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During 2020 work on our recordings and live performances was halted due to the worldwide pandemic.  Eager to continue to do something to bring music to people we began collaborating with our friends to create videos, all recording at home with whatever equipment was to hand.  The resulting videos were posted to Youtube and Facebook. 

Since mid-2021 we have continued our work from our studio to release either archive videos for The Music of Paul Corfield Godfrey Trust (Zarathustra) or arrangements by ourselves and our friends.

The Music of Paul Corfield Godfrey

Music by Rosie Hay

Arrangements by Volante Opera Productions

Musical Advent Calendar

For Christmas 2020, since our usual live charity converts had to be cancelled, we collaborated with over 30 of our friends and colleagues to create a Musical Advent Calendar in support of Shelter Cymru.  

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