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The Songs of Harold Fraser-Simson

On the 11th August 2023 we are releasing a recording of the songs of Harold Fraser-Simson (1872-1944).  The English composer is best known for his light music and musical comedies.  In his later career he set numerous children's poems to music, notably the works of

A. A. Milne and Lewis Carroll.  This would be a complete recording of his Milne and Carroll songs - some of which will be the first time on record.

The Pieces

The songs of this recording were originally published in the following volumes:


Music by H. Fraser-Simson, words by A. A. Milne


Fourteen Songs from When we were very young (1924)

The King’s Breakfast (1925)

Teddy Bear & Other Songs from When we were very young (1926)

Now We Are Six (1927)

More Very Young Songs (1928)

The Hums of Pooh (1929)


Music by H. Fraser-Simson, words by Lewis Carroll


Songs from Alice in Wonderland (1932)

As the original book were re-published in different anthologies there was never really a specific order in which to present the songs, so we have decided to adopt the order from the original poetry/story books.

The Settings of A. A. Milne

When We Were Very Young

Buckingham Palace


The Christening

Puppy and I

The Four Friends

Lines and Squares



Nursery Chairs

Market Square



Spring Morning

The Three Foxes


Jonathan Jo

At the Zoo

Rice Pudding



Shoes and Stockings


Knights and Ladies

Halfway Down

Before Tea

Teddy Bear

Bad Sir Brian Bottany

In the Fashion

The Alchemist

Growing Up

If I Were King


The King’s Breakfast


The King’s Breakfast

Winnie the Pooh

Isn’t if Funny

How Sweet to be a Cloud

It’s very, very funny

Cottleston Pie

Lines Written by a Bear of Very Little Brain

Sing Ho! For the life of a Bear

They all went off to discover the Pole

3 Cheers for Pooh


Now We Are Six



Cherry Stones

Us Two

The Engineer

Furry Bear


The Emperor’s Rhyme

Down by the Pond

The Friend

Twice Times

Cradle Song

Waiting at the Window

Wind on the Hill

In the Dark

The End


The House at Pooh Corner

The more it snows…

What shall we do about poor little Tigger?

I could spend a happy morning…

Oh, the butterflies are flying…

If Rabbit was bigger…

This warm and sunny spot…

I lay on my chest…

Here lies a tree…

Christopher Robin is going…


The Settings of Lewis Carroll

Songs from Alice in Wonderland


How doth the little crocodile

Fury said to a Mouse

You are old, Father William

Speak roughly to your little boy

Will you walk a little faster

‘Tis the voice of the Lobster

Beautiful Soup

They told me you had been to her

Recording Information

We have recorded this album with seven professional singers and a pianist.

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