Paul Corfield Godfrey's "Blithe Spirit" Demo Recording

We're extremely proud to announce that we are working on a Demo Recording of Paul Corfield Godfrey's 2020 operatic adaptation of Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit".


The Piece

Names of participants added after recording.

Cast (in order of singing):

Ruth Condomine (Soprano):

Edith, the maid (Soprano): 

Charles Condomine (Baritone): 

Dr. Bradman (Tenor):

Mrs. Bradman (Mezzo-Soprano):

Madame Arcati (Mezzo-Soprano): 

Elvira Condomine, Charles' deceased former wife (Mezzo-Soprano):

Demo Recording Information

The recording is being produced using Reaper software and is utilising the Eastwest Software/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra sampled instruments.

The main parts will all be recorded using different professional singers.


08/03/21 - This page added to website.  As of this point the orchestral tracks are complete and awaiting the easing of lockdowns so that voices can start to be recorded.

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