Paul Corfield Godfrey's "The Lord of the Rings" Demo Recording

During our work on Paul's "Silmarillion" cycle we started working on some of the completed sections of his aborted "The Lord of The Rings" cycle. We originally had a plan to release the smaller fragments as a stand alone disc and the longer pieces, namely "The Long Expected Party", "Tom Bombadil" and "The Grey Havens", would have their own double disc release later down the line.

The pandemic of 2020 gave Paul a wonderful opportunity, time to revisit his initial plans and ideas from over 50 years ago.  He has since been working away and the cycle of works is starting to appear in full.

This is a massive project (bigger than all of the five parts of the Silmarillion combined) and will become our main focus once that cycle is recorded and released

The Pieces

The work is divided up into "Chapters", which will be broken down as follows (this information will be updated as modified as composition continues):


Orchestrated and composition completed; Composed in Short Score; 

Pre-existing but requiring re-working; As yet unwritten, although fragments may exist.

"Part 1: The Shadow of the Past"

Chapter 1: "A Long-Expected Party"

Chapter 2: "The Return of the Shadow"

Chapter 3: "Tom Bombadil"

Chapter 4: "The Prancing Pony"

Chapter 5: "Flight to the Ford"

"Part 2: The Fellowship of the Ring"

Chapter 6: "The Council of Elrond"

Chapter 7: "The Ring Goes South"

Chapter 8: "A Journey in the Dark"

Chapter 9: "The Mirror of Galadriel"

Chapter 10: "The Breaking of the Fellowship"

"Part 3: The Treason of Isengard"

Chapter 11: "The Plains and the Forest"

Chapter 12: "The Riders of Rohan"

Chapter 13: "The King of the Golden Hall"

Chapter 14: "The Journey to Isengard"

Chapter 15: "The Voice of Saruman"

"Part 4: The Black Gate is Closed"

Chapter 16: "The Taming of Smeagol"

Chapter 17: "The Window on the West"

Chapter 18: "Cirith Ungol"

"Part 5: The War of the Ring"

Chapter 19: "Minas Tirith"

Chapter 20: "The Passing of the Grey Company"

Chapter 21: "The Siege of Gondor"

Chapter 22: "Pelennor Fields"

Chapter 23: "The Houses of Healing"

Chapter 24: "The Black Gate Opens"

"Part 6: The Return of the King"

Chapter 25: "Mount Doom"

Chapter 26: "The Field of Cormallen"

Chapter 27: "The Steward and the King"

Chapter 28: "Homeward Bound"

Chapter 29: "The Scouring of the Shire"

Chapter 30: "The Grey Havens"


Demo Recording Information

The recording will be produced using Reaper software and utilising the Eastwest Software/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra sampled instruments.

The solo parts will all be recorded using different professional singers with some doubling.

The Chorus will be recorded two per voice part, as per Gondolin, Beren, Hurin, Feanor and War of Wrath which would accommodate the splits in the parts.  Each of these voices, due to the limited space and equipment, is recorded individually and post processed to fit with the others.  This is the method we use when creating learning tracks for choirs, as it gives us the opportunity to isolate parts and fix problems without having to have everyone back to re-record.


As composition continues we will continue to release videos on our YouTube and Facebook pages showcasing some of the music.


08/03/2021 - This page created.  As of this point the orchestral tracks have been created for Chapters 1 through 13.

22/03/2021 - Chapter 14 - "The Journey to Isengard" is now composed and the orchestral track has been created.

27/03/2021 - Chapter 15 - "The Voice of Saruman" is now composed and the orchestral track has been created.

11/04/2021 - Chapter 16 - "The Taming of Smeagol" is now composed and the orchestral track has been created.

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