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Our complete demo recording of Paul Corfield Godfrey's Epic Scenes from the Silmarillion after the mythology of J. R. R. Tolkien, Part Five: The War of Wrath.


Stock of individual parts of The Silmarillion are low, if this item is out of stock then it will still be available as part of the Complete Silmarillion Box Set.


The cycle of “epic scenes from The Silmarillion” by Paul Corfield Godfrey, drawn from the posthumous writings of J R R Tolkien, was already the largest-scale work of classical music written in Wales in the twentieth century, and has already been recorded by Prima Facie over the course of the last five years.


We are now pleased to release the concluding section of this work, written as recently as 2019-20, to bring to an end Tolkien’s description of the history of Middle-Earth in the First Age. The text, as before, employs a wide variety of posthumously published texts by the author with the permission of the Tolkien Estate. It not only features the return of roles and singers familiar from earlier parts of the cycle, but also introduces new characters such as Elrond, Galadriel and the great mariner Eärendil who will be familiar to readers of The Lord of the Rings.


All the singers are professional artists from Welsh National Opera.


Reviewing last year’s recording of Fëanor, Marc Medwin in Fanfare magazine commented “Heretofore I have been entirely ignorant of Paul Corfield Godfrey’s work. More’s the pity. This is an operatic recording whose singers and the music they perform are completely in tune with the nature of the story and its themes, making me want to hear the other instalments as soon as possible.”


Elbereth, Lady of the Stars and spouse of the Elder King (Vala): Emma Mary Llewellyn

Círdan, a mariner (Elf): Julian Boyce

Ulmo, Lord of the Waters (Vala): Martin Lloyd

Melian, Queen of Doriath (Maia): Helen Jarmany

Galadriel, sister of King Finrod Felagund (Elf): Angharard Morgan

Thingol Greycloak, King of Doriath (Elf): Martin Lloyd

Maglor, son of Feanor (Elf): Michael Clifton-Thompson

Curufin, son of Feanor (Elf): Huw Llywelyn

Elwing, great grand-daughter of Thingol and Melian (Half-Elf): Sophie Yelland

Eärendil, son of Tuor and Idril (Half-Elf): Simon Crosby Buttle

Maedhros, son of Feanor (Elf): Stephen Wells

Eönwë, Herald of the Valar (Maia): Philip Lloyd-Evans

Mandos, Lord of Death (Vala): Julian Boyce

The Elder King (Vala): George Newton-Fitzgerald

Sauron, Servant of Morgoth (Maia): Jasey Hall

Morgoth, the Enemy (Vala): Laurence Cole

Elrond, son of Eärendil and Elwing: Simon Crosby Buttle

Chorus of unseen voices: 

Rosie Hay/Emma Mary Llewellyn/Stella Woodman/Helen Greenaway/Huw Llywelyn/Michael Clifton-Thomspon/Simon Crosby Buttle/Philip Lloyd-Evans/Julian Boyce/Stephen Wells/Jasey Hall/George Newton-Fitzgerald

The War of Wrath - Double CD

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