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Akallabêth and other Tolkien works (Prima Facie 2017)


Featuring Tara Mcswiney (soprano), Andrew Henley (tenor), Adam Jondelius (baritone), Nicola Loten (flute), Niamh Ferris (viola), Immanuel Carl Maria Vogt (piano), and Connor Fogel (piano).

Track Listing:

1.  Daeron (Op. 45)

2.  Strider (Tolkien Songs, Op. 9)

3.  Song of the Eagle (Tolkien Songs, Op. 9)

4.  Alive Without Breath (Tolkien Songs, Op. 9)

5.  Drinking Song (Tolkien Songs, Op. 9)

6.  In Western Lands (Tolkien Songs, Op. 9)

7.  Roads go ever ever on (Tolkien Songs, Op. 9)

8.  Shadow-Bride (Op. 33)

9.  The Mystery (Mysteries of Time, Op. 44)

10.  Cywydd (Mysteries of Time, Op. 44)

11.  Graveyard (Mysteries of Time, Op. 44)

12.  The Seven Woods of Coole (Mysteries of Time, Op. 44)

13.  The Queen of Air and Darkness (Mysteries of Time, Op. 44)

14.  Akallabêth (Op. 42)

Akallabeth and other Tolkien Works

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