Paul Corfield Godfrey's "Epic Scenes from The Lord of the Rings after the mythology of JRR Tolkien: The Long-Expected Party, Tom Bombadil & The Grey Havens" Demo Recording

During our work on Paul's "Silmarillion" cycle we started investigation some of the completed sections of his aborted "The Lord of The Rings" cycle.  The smaller fragments almost all will be represented on out "Appendix" disc but there were three larger excerpts that, being enitre scenes or acts, we couldn't fit on the previous project.

These are the most complete sections from the abandoned project (except for Paul's early opera of "The Black Gate is Closed") each of them more than worthy of being heard.  With this in mind we decided that a project of these "Scenes" spread over two discs would make for an interesting album.

As we were ahead on inputting the "Silmarillion" cycle we set to inputting these as a future project for when the recordings of the cycle are complete.

The Pieces

"Epic Scenes from The Lord of the Rings after the mythology of JRR Tolkien" are all composed for solo voices, full chorus and orchestra.

The pieces are as follows:

"The Long-Expected Party" (20 minutes):

This was the opening of the cycle, opens with a scene in the Shire with all of the Hobbits gossiping about Bilbo's birthday party and goes up as far as Bilbo performing his vanishing act in front of everyone at said party.

"Tom Bombadil" (40 minutes):

This is a complete act from one of the planned operas, starting with the Hobbits in the woods, getting attacked by the trees, leading up to Tom Bombadil saving them from the Barrowwights and sending them onwards to Bree.

"The Grey Havens" (54 minutes):

Again, a complete act but this time from the very end of the planned cycle.  It starts with Frodo transcribing his adventures and then goes all the way to the end with him, Bilbo, Gandalf and the remaining elves boarding the ships and heading west.

For more information and analysis please visit the composer's website (link at the bottom of this page)

Demo Recording Information

The recording is being produced using Reaper software and is utilising the Eastwest Software/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra sampled instruments.

The solo parts will all be recorded using different professional singers with some doubling.

The Chorus will be recorded two per voice part, as per Gondolin, Beren, Hurin and Feanor which would accommodate the splits in the parts.  Each of these voices, due to the limited space and equipment, is recorded individually and post processed to fit with the others.  This is the method we use when creating learning tracks for choirs, as it gives us the opportunity to isolate parts and fix problems without having to have everyone back to re-record.


08/07/2019:  Page added to website.  At this point the orchestral parts have been inputted for all three pieces.

09/09/2019: Orchestral notes completed and a first pass at Frodo's music in "Tom Bombadil" and "Grey Havens", along with Chorus Tenor 2 work.

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