Paul Corfield Godfrey's "Epic Scenes after the mythology of JRR Tolkien: Appendix" Demo Recording

What would any entry into the mythology of JRR Tolkien be without an appendix?  During our work with Paul on his "Silmarillion" cycle we started work on this appendix recording, which will contain his version of "The Lay of Earendil" (which completes the story of the "Silmarillion" cycle) and completed small fragments from his aborted cycle based upon "The Lord of the Rings".  These fragments will all be stand alone pieces that Paul completed and orchestrated which we will record in the same manner as our previous recordings.

The progress on this project will be relatively slow as it will be completed in and around work on Beren, Hurin and Feanor.

The Pieces

"Epic Scenes after the mythology of JRR Tolkien: Appendix" is all composed for solo voices, full chorus and orchestra.

The pieces we intend to include are as follows:

"The Lay of Earendil" for solo tenor (27 minutes):

"Bilbo's Walking Song" for solo tenor (2 minutes):

"Drinking Song" for solo tenor and baritone (1 minute):

"All that is Gold" for solo tenor (1 minute):

"Sam's Song of Gil-Galad" for solo baritone (2 minutes):

"Song of the Troll" for two solo baritones and tenor (4 minutes):

"Song of the Blessed Realm" for solo mezzo-soprano with female chorus (4 minutes):

"Boromir's Dream" for solo bass (1 minute):

"Farewell to Lorien" for solo soprano (5 minutes):

"The Song of the Fisherman" for solo tenor (1 minute):

"Ride of the Rohirrim" for male chorus (3 minutes):

"Song of the Prisoner" for solo baritone (3 minutes):

"To the Field of Cormallen" for various soloists and full chorus (12 minutes):

"Song of the Eagle" for solo soprano with full chorus (4 minutes):

"Burial Song" for baritone solo with male chorus (4 minutes):

"Bilbo's Song of Farewell" for solo tenor (2 minutes):

For more information and analysis please visit the composer's website (link at the bottom of this page)

Demo Recording Information

The recording is being produced using Reaper software and is utilising the Eastwest Software/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra sampled instruments.

The solo parts will all be recorded using different professional singers with some doubling.

The Chorus will be recorded two per voice part, as per Gondolin, Beren, Hurin and Feanor which would accommodate the splits in the parts.  Each of these voices, due to the limited space and equipment, is recorded individually and post processed to fit with the others.  This is the method we use when creating learning tracks for choirs, as it gives us the opportunity to isolate parts and fix problems without having to have everyone back to re-record.


18/12/2018: This page added to the site.  Up to this point the orchestral parts for "The Lay of Earendil", "Bilbo's Walking Song", "Sam's song of Gil-Galad", "Song of the Blessed Realm", "Boromir's Dream", "Farewell to Lorien" "Song of the Eagle" and "Bilbo's Song of Farewell" have all been inputted.  A first vocal pass at "The Lay of Earendil has been undertaken as well. 

08/01/2019: Orchestral parts for the duet part of "To the Field of Cormallen" have been inputted with a first vocal pass at the tenor solo undertaken.

09/01/2019: Orchestral parts for the "Drinking Song" and "The Song of the Fisherman" have been inputted.

10/01/2019: Orchestral parts for "All that is gold" have been inputted.

11/01/2019: Orchestral parts for "Burial Song" have been inputted.

13/01/2019: Orchestral parts for "The Ride of the Rohirrim" have been inputted.

23/01/2019: Orchestral parts for the rest of "To the Field of Cormallen" have been inputted.

24/01/2019: Orchestral parts for "The Song of the Troll" have been inputted with a first vocal pass at the main baritone solo undertaken.

27/01/2019: Orchestral inputting now complete with "The Song of the Prisoner" being inputted today.

18/02/2019: Orchestral notes and corrections undertaken on Earendil and the first seven fragments.

03/03/2019: Orchestral notes completed, now ready for voice recording.

10/09/2019: Voice recording has begun.

04/12/2019:  Voice recording update: Soprano 1 Chorus contributions, Mezzo 1 contributions, Bass 1 contributions and some more solo recordings have been inputted for a first pass through.  Work will continue to be slow and steady on this album while priorities are focussed on Hurin and Feanor.

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